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Markutrustningar för flygplatser - Säkerhetskrav - Del 5: Tankningsutrustning för flygplan

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This document specifies the technical requirements to minimise the hazards listed in Clause 4 which can arise dur-ing the commissioning, operation and maintenance of AFE when carried out in accordance with the specifications given by the manufacturer or his authorised representative. It also takes into account some performance require-ments recognised as essential by authorities, aircraft and ground support equipment (GSE) manufacturers as well as airlines, airports and fuelling companies.

This document applies to all types of aircraft fuelling equipment:
- aircraft refuellers;
-hydrant dispensers;
- defuellers;
- hydrant pit servicing vehicles;
- stationary dispensing units,

intended to service aircraft with aviation fuels and to be operated on airfields, heliports and other aircraft refuelling related areas such as maintenance bases.

NOTE 1 In general, the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) is not applicable to AFE as they are not deemed to be used on public roads. However, certain requirements have been considered when developing this standard.

The use of AFE on public roads is not intended with the following exceptions:
- transportation of fuel from tank farms to refuelling areas;
- maintenance purposes with empty cargo tanks.

NOTE 2 This may include the need of local traffic derogation (see Clause 0 of EN 1915-1:2001 — negotiation).

The intended functions of AFE are:
- loading fuel from the tank farm and/or a hydrant system to the AFE;
- storage and transportation of fuel;
-fuelling from the AFE to the aircraft;
-filtration of the fuel;
-metering the fuel for a transfer of custody;
-defuelling the aircraft to the AFE;
-flushing fuel from hydrant systems;
-unloading AFE to the tank farm after defuelling of an aircraft;
- transferring fuel from one AFE to another.


Flygplatsutrustning Marktjänst- och underhållsutrustningar


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Internationell titel: Aircraft ground support equipment - Specific requirements - Part 5: Aircraft fuelling equipment

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