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Akustik - Buller från maskiner och utrustning - Riktlinjer för användning av grundstandard vid beräkning av ljudtrycksnivå vid operatörsplats (ISO 11200:2014)

Status: Gällande · Tillägg: SS-EN ISO 11200:2014/A1:2020

This International Standard is the frame standard introducing the basic group, ISO 11201, ISO 11202, ISO 11203, ISO 11204 and ISO 11205, on the determination of emission sound pressure levels at work stations and other specified positions. It gives guidance for:
— facilitating the writing of noise test codes;
— providing physical explanations of this noise emission quantity compared to other noise quantities (see 4.1 to 4.3);
— comparing the different measurement methods offered by the group (see Table 1);
— facilitating the choice of the most appropriate method(s) in typical practical situations (Clause 6).

This International Standard is largely based on flow charts and tables. Case studies are described.

The guidance given applies to airborne sound only. It is for use in noise testing, in general, and in the preparation of noise test codes, in particular.

A standardized noise test code is intended to select standards from the ISO 11201, ISO 11202, ISO 11203, ISO 11204 and ISO 11205 group, which are the most appropriate to the machinery family it covers, and which give detailed requirements on mounting and operating conditions for the particular family, as well as the location of the work station(s) and other specified positions as prescribed in these International Standards.

The data so obtained can be used for the declaration and verification of emission sound pressure levels, e.g. as specified in ISO 4871.[3]


Buller och mätmetod (14.020) Buller förorsakat av maskiner och utrustning (17.140.20)


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