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This document specifies safety requirements and their verification for design and construction of, i.e. self-propelled, mounted, semi-mounted and trailed, wood chippers used in forestry, agriculture, horticulture and landscaping.
This document applies to chippers, used when stationary, which are manually loaded with wood through a horizontal or near horizontal infeed chute and where the infeed action is performed by the chipping components acting as infeed components or by separate integrated infeed components such as rollers or conveyors integral to the infeed chute. Wood chippers may be powered either by an external power take-off, hydraulics etc. or by an integral power source such as an internal combustion engine.
This document does not cover:
- requirements relating to national road regulations arising from transport between work sites;
- hazards arising from any self-propelled function;
- hazards arising from the transmission of power from an external power source - e.g. power take-off drive shafts;
- any machines where the infeed chute is fitted with an extension table or an integrated conveyor that is protruding beyond the outermost lower edge of the infeed chute and the Lower Protective Device of the infeed chute;
- hazards arising from the engine pull starting of an integral power source;
- hazards arising from mechanical loading;
- vertical infeed chute chippers;
- electromagnetic aspects of the chippers;
- shredders/chippers to be covered by EN 13683;
- any machines that are only loaded mechanically;
- additional mechanical discharge systems for woodchips which are not part of the chipping mechanism e.g. conveyors.
For machines that can be both manually and mechanically loaded, this document is only covering the safety of the manual loading.
NOTE 1 Any additional requirements related to use with both mechanical and manual feed that could affect safe use or which are necessary to maintain the integrity of protective devices are outside the scope ...


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