Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 15877-2:2013

Järnvägar - Märkning av järnvägsfordon - Del 2: Utvändig märkning på personvagnar, motorvagnar, lok och på spårburna arbetsmaskiner

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This part of the European Standard identifies the information required or recommended to be marked on coaches, motive power units, locomotives and On Track Machines, relating to their technical and operational characteristics. It defines the characteristics of these markings, the requirements pertaining to their presentation, their shape and position on a vehicle and their meaning. Some markings are accompanied with note(s) where appropriate. Service markings relating to passenger information are not addressed by this standard. The provisions of this standard cover external markings on vehicles as required by: - the TSIs; - the COTIF regulations. In addition to the markings shown in this European Standard, there might be other markings and text applied to these vehicles, e.g. instructions and warnings concerning the use of equipment specific to the vehicle. Such additional markings are not in contravention of this standard provided they do not interfere with, create ambiguity or in any other way affect the markings in this standard. This European Standard is applicable to all railway motive power units, coaches, baggage and mail vans and car carrying coaches intended to be included in passenger trains, locomotives and On Track Machines operating within and between Member States of the European Union, the European Economic Area Member States and States which are member of OTIF (Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail) and it satisfies the legal requirements within these institutions.


Vagnar (45.060.20)


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Internationell titel: Railway applications - Markings of railway vehicles - Part 2: External markings on coaches, motive power units, locomotives and on track machines

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