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Järnvägar - Bromssystem - Bromsprestanda

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This document defines a harmonized way to assess the braking performance by test of locomotives, passenger coaches, freight wagons and self-propelled passenger trains (EMU/DMU). The document sets out the standardized method for undertaking brake performance tests and the correction factors to be applied to the data obtained for all types of rolling stock. This document also defines the methods to assess the brake performance in terms of stopping distance, and from this the process to determine vehicle(s) deceleration and braked weight. It then deals with conversion of the braked weight to the braked weight percentage of a vehicle or train for operating purposes. It also sets out additional factors when determining the braked weight percentage of a train calculated from specified braked weight, depending on the formation of the train. In Annex D there is a method for determining brake performance of freight wagons fitted with P10 cast iron or LL-blocks using limited testing (force measurement).


Material och komponenter för järnvägsteknik (45.040)


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Internationell titel: Railway applications - Braking - Brake performance

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