Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 13149-2:2004

Vägtrafikinformatik - Kollektivtransporter - Planerings- och styrsystem för vägfordon - Del 2: WORLDFIP kablingsspecifikationer

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This document defines the cabling specifications for an onboard data transmission bus between the different parts of equipment for service operations and monitoring of the fleet. This document is applicable to equipment installed onboard buses, trolley buses and tramways only as part of a bus fleet operation. This equipment include operations aid systems, automatic passenger information systems, fare collection systems, etc. Equipment directly related to the functioning of the vehicle (e.g. driver dashboard, engine management, brake systems, door opening systems) are excluded from the scope of this document and are dealt with in other standardisation bodies. This document is not applicable to tramways operated as part of a train, subway or metro operation. Two alternative transmission buses will be accepted. This document refers to one of them (known as WORLFIP and specified in EN 50170). A second set of standards will be published for the other solution (so called CAN). The selected bus system, between the two standardised alternatives, shall be subject to an agreement between each transport operating organisation and its equipment providers. This document covers the link between equipment inside a single vehicle. Although it could be applied to multiple vehicles, this application is not explicitly covered by this document. This document is the second part of a set of standards related to the onboard transmission bus, which will define the following aspects for each allowed transmission bus: — choice of the bus and general application’s rules (EN 13149-1) — cabling specifications (EN 13149-2, this document) — message content specifications (prCEN TS 13149-3, under development)


Flerskiktstillämpningar (35.100.05) IT-tillämpningar inom transport (35.240.60) Bussar (43.080.20) Rälsfordon Allmänt (45.060.01)


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Framtagen av: Vägtrafikinformatik, SIS/TK 255

Internationell titel: Public transport - Road vehicle scheduling and control systems - Part 2: WORLDFIP cabling specifications

Artikelnummer: STD-37121

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Fastställd: 2004-08-27

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Ersätter: SS-ENV 13149-2