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Vägtrafikinformatik - Automatisk fordons- och utrustningsregistrering (AVI/AEI) - Interoperabel applikationsprofil för AVI/AEI och elektronisk registreringsidentifiering via korthållskommunikation

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The scope for this European Standard is limited to: - physical systems: ERT, ERR and the DSRC interface between them (all functions and information flows related to these parts); - DSRC-link requirements; - ERI session over the DSRC interface; - data elements to be used by ERT and ERR used in ERI session; - security mechanisms for ERT and ERR used in ERI session. It is outside the scope of this European Standard to define: - contractual and procedural interoperability requirements; - provisions for electronic payments such as EFC; - conformance procedures and test specification; - setting-up of operating organisations (e.g. application service provider, issuing, trusted third party etc.); - legal issues; - use of other communication technologies (e.g. RFID such as ISO 18000 series); and - other interfaces or functions in ERI-systems than those specified above (i.e. information flows and data exchange between ERI Application providers or personalisation, initialisation and customisation of the OBU). Some of these issues are subject to separate standards prepared by CEN/TC 278, ISO/TC 204 or ETSI ERM. The following figure shows the scope of this European Standard from a DSRC-stack perspective. NOTE For interlayer management, see EN 15509:2007, Annex G. This European Standard defines an Application Profile based on the ISP-concept. The base standards that this Application Profile is based upon are: - EN ISO 14906:2011 and ISO 17264:2009 on ERI application interface definition for DSRC (this implies indirect references to EN ISO 14816 on Numbering and data structures); - EN 12834: on DSRC application layer (L7); - EN 13372 on DSRC profiles (this implies indirect references to the DSRC L1, L2 and L7 standards: EN 12253, EN 12795 and EN 12834); - EN 15509:2007: Interoperable Application Profile for EFC using CEN DSRC; - ISO 24534 on ERI application.


IT-tillämpningar inom transport (35.240.60)


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Internationell titel: Intelligent transport systems - Automatic Vehicle and Equipment Registration (AVI/AEI) - Interoperable application profile for AVI/AEI and Electronic Register Identification using dedicated short range communication

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Fastställd: 2013-02-03

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