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Vägtrafikinformatik - eCall - Operativa krav för tredjepartsleverantörer

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The objective of implementing a 'Third Party' emergency call is to provide emergency assistance and an automated notification of a traffic accident, using 'Third Party Services' packages where such services are supported between the vehicle and a Third Party Service Provider in countries where such notification of an emergency are supported by PSAPs.

The first objective of this TPS-eCall is to transfer an emergency message from a vehicle to a Third Party Service Provider (TPSP) in the event of a crash or an emergency, and to establish a voice channel between the in-vehicle equipment and the TPSP.

The second objective of this TPS-eCall is, in case of an emergency likely to require assistance from the emergency services, for the TPSP to transfer an emergency message including the data of the Minimum Set of Data (MSD) (as defined in EN 15722) from the TPSP to the most appropriate PSAP and to make best efforts to establish a direct voice contact between that PSAP and the occupants of the vehicle if required by the PSAP.

This European Standard specifies the general operating requirements and intrinsic procedures for an in-vehicle eCall via the services of a Third Party Service Provider (TPSP).

This European Standard also provides definition of the service(s) provided to the PSAP and the method and form of service delivery.

NOTE An important part of the TPS-eCall is the Minimum Set of Data (MSD). The operating requirements for the MSD are determined in this European Standard, but the form and data content of the MSD is not defined herein. The common European MSD for eCall is determined in EN 15722. Additional data concepts may also be transferred, and it is recommended that any such data concepts be registered using a data registry as defined in EN ISO 24978 to ensure that they can be understood by the recipient.


IT-tillämpningar inom transport (35.240.60)


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Internationell titel: Intelligent transport systems - eCall - Operating requirements for third party support

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