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Vägtrafikinformatik - DATEX II specifikationer för datautbyte mellan trafikledning och information - Del 7: Vanliga dataelement

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This document specifies and defines component facets required to support the exchange and shared use of data and information in the field of traffic and travel. The component facets include the framework and context for data content, data structure and relationships, communications specification. This document is applicable to: - traffic and travel information which is of relevance to road networks (non-urban and urban), - public transport information that is of direct relevance to the use of a road network (e.g. road link via train or ferry service), - traffic and travel information in the case of Cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS). This document establishes specifications for data exchange between any two instances of the following actors: - Traffic Information Centres (TICs), - Traffic Control Centres (TCCs), - Service Providers (SPs), Use of this document can be applicable for use by other actors. This document covers, at least, the following types of informational content: - road traffic event information - planned and unplanned occurrences both on the road network and in the surrounding environment, - information about operator initiated actions - including both advisory and mandatory measures, - road traffic measurement data, status data, and travel time data, - travel information relevant to road users, including weather and environmental information, - road traffic management information and information and advice relating to use of the road network. This part of EN 16157 specifies common informational structures, relationships, roles, attributes and associated data types required for publishing information within the DATEX II framework. This is specified as a DATEX II sub-model which is part of the DATEX II platform independent model, but this part only covers common elements that are used by more than one publication. It excludes those elements that relate to location information which are specified in FprEN 16157 2.


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Internationell titel: Intelligent transport systems - DATEX II data exchange specifications for traffic management and information - Part 7: Common data elements

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