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Transaktionskort - Fysiska egenskaper (ISO/IEC 7810:2019, IDT)

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This document describes the characteristics for identification cards and the use of such cards for international interchange. This document specifies the physical characteristics of identification cards including card materials, construction, characteristics and dimensions for four sizes of cards. ISO/IEC 10373-1 and ISO/IEC 24789-2 specify the test procedures used to check cards against the parameters specified in this document. This document specifies the requirements for cards and card interface devices used for identification. It takes into consideration both human and machine aspects and states minimum requirements. It is the purpose of this document to provide criteria for the performance of cards. No consideration is given within this document to the amount of use, if any, experienced by the card prior to test. NOTE 1 Numeric values in the SI and/or Imperial measurement system in this document have been rounded off and therefore are consistent with, but not exactly equal to, each other. Either system can be used, but intermixing or reconverting the two can result in errors. The original design was made using the Imperial measurement system. NOTE 2 Thin flexible cards are not within the scope of this document (see the ISO/IEC 15457 series).


Identifieringskort och tillhörande läsarenheter (35.240.15)


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Internationell titel: Identification cards - Physical characteristics (ISO/IEC 7810:2019, IDT)

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