Standard Svensk standard · SS-ISO/IEC 14443-3:2018

Identifieringskort - Kontaktlösa kort - Närkort - Del 3: Initialisering och antikollission (ISO/IEC 14443-3:2018, IDT)

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This document describes the following: — polling for proximity cards or objects (PICCs) entering the field of a proximity coupling device (PCD); — the byte format, the frames and timing used during the initial phase of communication between PCDs and PICCs; — the initial Request and Answer to Request command content; — methods to detect and communicate with one PICC among several PICCs (anticollision); — other parameters required to initialize communications between a PICC and PCD; — optional means to ease and speed up the selection of one PICC among several PICCs based on application criteria; — optional capability to allow a device to alternate between the functions of a PICC and a PCD to communicate with a PCD or a PICC, respectively. A device which implements this capability is called a PXD.


Identifieringskort och tillhörande läsarenheter (35.240.15)


Språk: Engelska

Framtagen av: Teknik och stödsystem för personlig identifiering, SIS/TK 448

Internationell titel: Identification cards - Contactless integrated circuit(s) cards - Proximity cards - Part 3: Initialization and anticollision (ISO/IEC 14443-3:2018, IDT)

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Fastställd: 2018-07-05

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Ersätter: SS-ISO/IEC 14443-3:2018