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Fitnesscenter - Krav på centrala tjänster och verksamhet - Drift och ledningskrav

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This document for fitness centres specifies minimum requirements for structured exercise and physical activity. This includes requirements for equipment and any associated facilities, if present, together with the operational and managerial procedures for delivering the service. This European Standard is applicable to all publically accessible fitness centres where diverse structured exercise and/or physical activity for groups and/or individuals are delivered in a safe and controlled environment . NOTE In the event that the fitness centre is designed to be accessible to people with disability and/or impairments, attention is drawn to any relevant national guidelines. This European Standard excludes any permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment according to EN 16630 or stationary exercise equipment for medical use according to directive 93/42/EWG. ((To be discussed later after clarification with committee for training equipment and outdoor fitness equipment.)) Additional services such as spa services, child care, tanning beds, swimming pools, nutritional counselling, facilities for racket sports etc. are not included in this part. ((To be discussed whether to remove this paragraph.))


Ledningssystem för arbetsmiljö (04.030) Utrustningar och anordningar för sport Allmänt (97.220.01)


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Internationell titel: Fitness centres - Requirements for centre amenities and operation - Operational and managerial requirements

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