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Barnartiklar - Vägledning för ökad säkerhet - Del 5: Produktinformation

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Product information given in standards has a direct impact on safety. It should contribute to avoiding risks to the child. However, product information is not intended to compensate for design deficiencies and does not in itself make a product safer but is a means for the manufacturer to communicate with the user. Reasonable foreseeable misuse and risks of the product should be made explicit and adequate warnings be given.
All product information should be in the language(s) of the country in which the product is sold. It should be presented so that it is unambiguous, legible and easy to read and comprehend.
A risk analysis should be applied to identify those hazards for which safety-related product information is required.


Barnartiklar (97.190)


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Internationell titel: Child care articles - General safety guidelines - Part 5: Product information

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