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Rullstolar - Del 1: Bestämning av statisk stabilitet (ISO 7176-1:2014, IDT)

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ISO 7176-1:2014 specifies test methods for determining the static stability of wheelchairs. It is applicable to manual and electrically powered wheelchairs, including scooters, with a maximum speed not greater than 15 km/h, intended to provide indoor and/or outdoor mobility for one disabled person whose mass is within the range represented by ISO 7176-11. For active stability-controlled wheelchairs, ISO 7176-1:2014 applies to the device in a stable, parked state. ISO 7176-1:2014 provides a method for the measurement of the tipping angles (either wheelchair tipping angle or anti-tip device tipping angle), but this method is not applicable to wheelchairs with lateral anti-tip devices and does not consider sliding on the ground. ISO 7176-1:2014 also includes requirements for test reports and information disclosure.


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Internationell titel: Wheelchairs - Part 1: Determination of static stability (ISO 7176-1:2014, IDT)

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