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Rullstolar - Del 8 : Krav och provningsmetoder för rullstolar. Statisk och dynamisk provning samt slagprov (ISO 7176-8:2014, IDT)

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This part of ISO 7176 specifies requirements for static, impact, and fatigue strength of wheelchairs including scooters. It specifies the test methods for determining whether the requirements have been met. It also specifies requirements for disclosure of the test results.
The test methods can also be used to verify the manufacturers’ claims that a product exceeds the minimum requirements of this part of ISO 7176.
This International Standard applies to occupant- and attendant-propelled manual wheelchairs and electrically powered wheelchairs intended to provide indoor and outdoor mobility for people with disabilities.
NOTE 1 For the purposes of this part of ISO 7176, “wheelchair(s)” is used as an abbreviation for manual wheelchair(s) or electrically powered wheelchair(s), including scooter(s), to which the requirements and test methods are applied.
NOTE 2 Clauses of this part of ISO 7176 will be used as a basis for developing requirements and test methods for wheelchairs not covered by this part of ISO 7176.


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Internationell titel: Wheelchairs - Part 8: Requirements and test methods for static, impact and fatigue strengths (ISO 7176-8:2014, IDT)

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