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Flygfrakt - Icke-certifierade containrar för nedre däck - Specifikation och provning (ISO 4118, IDT)

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ISO 4118:2016 covers the design, performance and testing requirements for lower deck containers for use in main line aircraft which do not require airworthiness approval/certification when loaded under the conditions of compartment restraint and/or where applicable according to the aircraft type's approved Weight and Balance Manual, ISO 8097 or ISO 21100 equivalent base plate restraint for these containers. Aircraft Weight and Balance Manuals require non-certified containers be constructed then loaded in such a manner that neither the container nor its contents can become a hazard or damage the aircraft structure under flight conditions. Compliance with ISO 4118:2016 is one means of demonstrating compliance with these requirements. Most sizes of containers covered by ISO 4118:2016 (base sizes K, L, P and Q) cannot physically be loaded and latched on aircraft main deck cargo systems. Base size A and M containers can, but are not allowed on aircraft main decks, which in general do not accept non-certified units. Accordingly, all containers covered by ISO 4118:2016 are intended to be used/installed exclusively in aircraft lower deck compartments NOTE The metric equivalents for dimensions have been rounded up or down to the nearest millimetre, except in critical dimensions. Masses have been rounded up to the nearest kilogram and forces have been rounded up to the nearest 10 N. See introduction where it is deemed necessary to use exact values.


Containrar, pallar och nät för flygfrakt (55.180.30)


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Internationell titel: Air cargo - Non-certified lower deck containers - Specification and testing (ISO 4118, IDT)

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