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Metodik för benchmarking av energieffektivisering

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This European Standard specifies requirements and provides recommendations for energy efficiency benchmarking methodology. The purpose of energy efficiency benchmarking is to establish the relevant data and indicators on energy consumption, both technical and behavioural, qualitative and quantitative in comparing performance between or within entities. Energy efficiency benchmarking can be either internal (within a specific organisation) or external (between organisations including competitors). This standard describes how to establish the boundaries of what is being benchmarked, including for example facilities, activities, processes, products, services and organisations. This European Standard provides guidance on the criteria to be used in order to choose the appropriate level of detail for the data collection, processing and reviewing which suits the objective of the benchmarking. This European Standard does not itself state specific performance requirements with respect to energy use. For all activities related to the continual improvement cycle (such as the Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology) reference shall be made to management systems in the organisation.


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