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Markutrustningar för flygplatser - Utförande, provning och underhåll av bogserfordon för noshjulslandningsställ, utan dragstång (TLTV) - Del 2: Flygplan för regionaltrafik (ISO 20683-2:2016, IDT)

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This document is applicable to towbarless aircraft towing vehicles (TLTVs) interfacing with the nose landing gear of civil transport aircraft with a maximum ramp mass comprised between 10 000 and 50 000 kg (22 000 and 110 000 lb), commonly designated as “regional aircraft.” The requirements for main line transport aircraft with a higher maximum ramp mass are specified in ISO 20683-1. It is not applicable to TLTVs which were manufactured before its date of publication.
It specifies general design requirements, testing and evaluation requirements, maintenance, calibration, documentation, records, tracing and accountability requirements in order to ensure that the loads induced by the tow vehicle will not exceed the design loads of the nose gear or its steering system, or reduce the certified safe life limit of the nose gear, or induce a stability problem during aircraft push back and/or maintenance towing operations.
This document specifies requirements and procedures for towbarless tow vehicles (TLTVs) intended for aircraft pushback and gate relocation or maintenance towing only. It is not intended to allow for dispatch (operational) towing (see Clause 3). Dispatch towing imposes greater loads on nose gears and aircraft structure due to the combination of speed and additional passenger, cargo, and fuel loads.
This document does not apply to towbarless towing vehicles interfacing with aircraft main landing gear.


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Internationell titel: Aircraft ground equipment - Design, testing and maintenance requirements for nose gear towbarless towing vehicle (TLTV) - Part 2: Regional aircraft (ISO 20683-2:2016, IDT)

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