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Petroleum and natural gas industries - Compact flanged connections with IX seal ring (ISO 27509:2012)

Status: Gällande · Korrigeras av: SS-EN ISO 27509:2013/AC:2013

ISO 27509:2012 specifies detailed manufacturing requirements for circular steel and nickel alloy compact flanged connections and associated seal rings, for designated pressures and temperatures in class designations CL 150 (PN 20) to CL 1500 (PN 260) for nominal sizes from DN 15 (NPS ½) to DN 1200 (NPS 48), and for CL 2500 (PN 420) for nominal sizes from DN 15 (NPS ½) to DN 600 (NPS 24). ISO 27509:2012 is applicable to welding neck flanges, blind flanges, paddle spacers and spacer blinds (paddle blanks), valve/equipment integral flanges, orifice spacers, reducing threaded flanges and rigid interfaces for use in process piping for the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries. ISO 27509:2012 is applicable within a temperature range from -196 °C to +250 °C. ISO 27509:2012 is not applicable for external pressure.


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