Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 15218:2013

Luftkonditioneringsaggregat och vätskekylare med evaporativt kyld kondensor och med elmotordrivna kompressorer för rumskylning - Termer, definitioner, provningsförhållanden, provningsmetoder och krav

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This European Standard specifies the terms, definitions, test conditions, test methods and requirements for rating the performance of air conditioners and liquid chilling packages, with electrically driven compressors and with evaporatively cooled condenser when used for space cooling. The evaporatively cooled condenser is cooled by air and by the evaporation of external additional water. This additional external water is fed by a specific water supply circuit or by a water tank. This European Standard does not apply to air-to-air and air-to-water air conditioners with a condenser cooled by air and by the evaporation of water condensed on their evaporator. This European Standard applies to units equipped with a water tank or with a continuous water circuit supply that can also operate without water feeding. However the standard only concerns the testing of these units with water feeding. This European Standard applies to factory-made units which can be ducted. This European Standard applies to factory-made units of either fixed capacity or variable capacity by any means. Packaged units, single split and multisplit systems are covered by this European Standard. With regard to units consisting of several parts, this European Standard applies only to those designed and supplied as a complete package. Evaporatively cooled condenser units that can also operate in heating mode shall have their performance in this mode determined according to EN 14511. Installations used for industrial processes cooling are not within the scope of this European Standard. This European Standard specifies the conditions for which performance data shall be declared for compliance to the Ecodesign regulation 206/2012 and to the Energy Labelling regulation 626/2011 of air conditioners with evaporatively cooled condenser in cooling mode. NOTE All the symbols given in this text can be used regardless of language.


Luftväxlare, fläktar, luftkonditionering (23.120) Värmepumpar (27.080) Kylteknik (27.200) Ventilation och luftkonditionering (91.140.30)


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