Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN ISO 15234:2010

Färg och lack - Provning av formaldehydemitterande ytbehandling respektive skumplast av melamin - Bestämning av koncentration (steady state) formaldehyd i en liten testkammare (ISO 15234:1999)

Status: Gällande

This International Standard specifies a test method for determining the equilibrium concentration of formaldehydefrom formaldehyde-emitting coatings and melamine foams in a small test chamber.

It describes the determination of the equilibrium concentration of formaldehyde that is established in air at 23 °C and50 % relative humidity. The test closely simulates practical conditions and can be performed on a laboratory scale.Good correlation is obtained with values obtained on samples of the same material in a 40 m3 test chamber. Themethod, which is simple to perform, is therefore suitable for the preliminary determination of limits that have to beadhered to.


Färg och lack (87.040)


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Framtagen av: Färg och lack, SIS/TK 433

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Fastställd: 2010-11-29

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