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Färg och lack - Bedömning av emission av ämnen från beläggning till inomhusluft - Provtagning, konditionering och testning

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This document specifies a reference method for the determination of emissions from coatings into indoor air. This method is applicable to volatile organic compounds, semi-volatile organic compounds and volatile aldehydes. NOTE 1 This document is aimed at describing the overall procedure and makes use of existing standards mainly by normative reference complemented when necessary with additional or modified normative requirements. This document is mainly aimed at determining emission data in indoor air for the purpose of meeting national legislation requirements, and for the voluntary labelling of products. NOTE 2 Harmonized product standards for coatings falling under the CPR can refer to this standard for the intended conditions of use. This document applies to coatings for indoor use as listed in Clause 5. It is not applicable for: - coatings that are applied off site or coatings that are applied on site, prior to the structure being permanently weatherproof except for the product type category 7 as listed in Clause 5; - tinting pastes that are not ready for use as coating; - non film-forming products like e.g. waxes and impregnations.


Omgivningsluft (13.040.20) Färg och lack (87.040)


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Framtagen av: Färg och lack, SIS/TK 433

Internationell titel: Paints and varnishes - Assessment of emissions of substances from coatings into indoor air - Sampling, conditioning and testing

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Fastställd: 2019-03-04

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Ersätter: SS-EN 16402:2013