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Eurokod 8: Dimensionering av bärverk med avseende på jordbävning - Del 2: Broar

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· Korrigeras av: SS-EN 1998-2:2005/AC:2010 Tillägg: SS-EN 1998-2:2005/A2:2011 , SS-EN 1998-2:2005/A1:2009
(1) The scope of Eurocode 8 is defined in EN 1998-1:2004, 1.1.1 and the scope of this Standard is defined in 1.1.1. Additional parts of Eurocode 8 are indicated in EN 1998-1:2004,1.1.3. (2) Within the framework of the scope set forth in EN 1998-1:2004, this part of the Standard contains the particular Performance Requirements, Compliance Criteria and Application Rules applicable to the design of earthquake resistant bridges. (3) This Part primarily covers the seismic design of bridges in which the horizontal seismic actions are mainly resisted through bending of the piers or at the abutments; i.e. of bridges composed of vertical or nearly vertical pier systems supporting the traffic deck superstructure. It is also applicable to the seismic design of cable-stayed and arched bridges, although its provisions should not be considered as fully covering these cases. (4) Suspension bridges, timber and masonry bridges, moveable bridges and floating bridges are not included in the scope of this Part. (5) This Part contains only those provisions that, in addition to other relevant Eurocodes or relevant Parts of EN 1998, should be observed for the design of bridges in seismic regions. In cases of low seismicity, simplified design criteria may be established (see2.3.7(1)). (6) The following topics are dealt with in the text of this Part: - Basic requirements and Compliance Criteria, - Seismic Action, - Analysis, - Strength Verification, - Detailing. This Part also includes a special section on seismic isolation with provisions covering the application of this method of seismic protection to bridges.


Eurokod 8, Jordbävningsresistenta konstruktioner (91.070.08) Skak- och vibrationsskydd (91.120.25) Brobyggnad (93.040)


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