Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 14844:2006+A2:2011

Förtillverkade betongprodukter - Kulvertelement

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This European Standard deals with both large (structural) and small (non-structural or light structural) box culverts of rectangular cross-section formed monolithically and designed as continuous elements with a joint detail shaped to allow the possible incorporation of sealing materials. Box culverts can be used for creation of voids below ground for conveyance and storage of materials. e.g. conveyance and storage of wastewater, cable tunnels and subways.

For the purposes of this European Standard, box culverts having internal cross-sectional dimensions (W and H in Figure 1) less than or equal to 1 250 mm are considered as small (non-structural or light structural). All other units are defined as large. The elements are generally manufactured in factories using either normal weight or lightweight concrete and usually require reinforcing steel. This standard does not include units manufactured from autoclaved aerated concrete, nor prefabricated reinforced box culverts of lightweight concrete with open structure.

Each unit is structurally complete. They are used in combination to form a total structure of appropriate length (including joints) and capacity.


Betong och betongprodukter (91.100.30) Betong (92.300.50)


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