Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 13230-6:2020

Järnvägar - Spår - Betongsliprar för spår och växlar - Del 6: Konstruktion

Status: Gällande

This document provides particular design guidance in the following areas: - derivation of characteristic loads and test loads; - calculation of characteristic and test bending moments. The aim of this document is to give guidance for the preparation of all data to be given by the purchaser to the supplier in accordance with Parts 1 to 5 of EN 13230. It applies to gauges 1 000 mm, 1 435 mm, 1 668 mm as well as to all lengths of sleepers and bearers. This standard gives special criteria for the design of concrete sleepers and bearers as track components. The design methods in the Eurocode do not apply to these concrete elements. All track parameters to be taken into account for the design of sleepers and bearers are detailed in this standard. Information is given on these parameters so that they can be used as inputs for the design calculation process. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to calculate or determine all track parameters used in this standard. This standard gives guidance for the design calculation process. It explains how experience and calculation can be combined to use design parameters. This standard gives examples of numerical data that can be used when applying Clauses 4 to 6 according to the state of the art.


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Internationell titel: Railway applications - Track - Concrete sleepers and bearers - Part 6: Design

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