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Status: Gällande · Korrigeras av: SS-EN 1935/AC:2004

This European Standard specifies requirements for single-axis hinges, of lift-off or fixed pin type, for use on access windows and doors. Such windows and doors may or may not be fitted also with door closing devices. It includes tests for static loads, shear strength and allowable wear during durability cycling for the following hinges: a) mounted on the edge of the door leaf or window sash and opening in one direction only; b) whose axis of rotation is within 30 mm of an edge of the movable element for a door leaf mass of up to 160 kg; c) whose axis of rotation is within 30 mm of the edge for a window sash with a mass up to 60 kg. This European Standard classifies hinges for four categories of use (see annex A) and also specifies the maximum permissible torque arising from frictional resistance generated within the hinge during endurance testing. Corrosion protection requirements are specified for those hinges which are not intended to be protected after fitting. There are no restrictions on the materials or the methods of fabrication used providing the hinge conforms to the requirements relevant to its application. The suitability of single axis hinges for use on fire/smoke compartmentation door assemblies is determined by performance tests conducted in addition to the performance tests required by this European Standard. Annex B indicates additional requirements for these products. This European Standard does not apply to hinges incorporating spring-assisted door-closing mechanisms. Door closers incorporating door co-ordinator devices (with or without electrically powered hold-open devices) are covered by EN 1158. Although the fastenings used to fix hinges to window assemblies and door assemblies are not covered by this European Standard, if the type of fastening to be used is supplied or specified by the manufacturer, such fastenings are used for the tests.


Dörrar (91.060.52) Byggförnödenheter (91.190)


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Internationell titel: Building hardware - Single-axis hinges - Requirements and test methods

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Fastställd: 2002-03-01

Antal sidor: 33

Ersätter: SS 386902 , SS 3443 , SS 3442