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· Ersätts av: SS-EN 13782:2015
This European Standard specifies safety requirements which need to be observed at design, calculation, manufacture, installation, maintenance, operation, examination and testing of mobile, temporary installed tents more than 50 m2 ground area. For tents less than 50 m2 ground area, it is not necessary to produce the tent book (see Clause 14) and the producer will provide a documentation concerning the burning behaviour of the fabrics and the stability of the structure. Two tents can be considered as two tents if the distance between them is more than 5 m except otherwise agreed. These tents are intended to be installed and dismounted repeatedly without loss of substance, temporarily as well as on short term or long-term basis at any places, and multiple purposes. A simplified calculation for tents with a maximum space of 12 m and a maximum capacity of 300 people is allowed for traditional pole and rope tents. The field of application of this European Standard covers all kind of temporary covered structures. Tents erected for a temporary period and dismantled for use elsewhere in fairgrounds and amusement parks are covered by this European Standard. The content of this European Standard collects the different existing national regulations and guidelines as far as possible.


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