Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 16145:2012

Sanitetsarmaturer - Utdragbara munstycken för diskbänkar och tvättställ - Allmänna tekniska specifikationer

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This European Standard specifies:
- the dimensional, leaktightness, mechanical, hydraulic and acoustic characteristics with which extractable outlets with or without spray mode selector function need to comply;
- the procedures for testing these characteristics.
It applies to extractable outlets made from any material which is intended for equipping and supplementing sanitary tapware for sinks and wash-basins used for culinary or ablutionary purposes. Such extractable outlets shall only be connected downstream of the obturator of the tapware.
Extractable outlets with total closing device fitted after the obturator of the tapware are not covered by this standard. Such products will be tested in accordance with EN 200, EN 817, EN 1111, EN 1286 or EN 1287 (see [1], [2], [3], [5] and [6]).
The conditions of use and classification are specified in Table 1.


Sanitet (91.140.70)


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Internationell titel: Sanitary tapware - Extractable outlets for sink and basin mixers - General technical specification

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