Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 14124:2005

Inloppsventiler för spolcistern med invändigt bräddavlopp

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The purpose of this document is to specify:
-- the dimensional, hygiene, tightness, pressure performance, hydraulic, acoustic, mechanical and physico-chemical characteristics which inlet valves for flushing cisterns shall comply with;
-- the test methods for testing these characteristics;
-- marking and presentation.
This document applies exclusively to the valve itself and it does not prejudge compliance with health regulations as the inlet valve is being fitted into the cistern.
This document does not cover valves intended to equip flushing cisterns with external overflow.
This document applies to valves such as float valves limit operating at pressures up to NP 10 (whose operating range is from 0,05 MPa to 1 MPa – 0,5 bar to 10 bar) designed to supply cold water to flushing cisterns for use with WC pans, that are permanently connected to a potable water supply system.
The working range can be extended downwards (


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Internationell titel: Inlet valves for flushing cisterns with internal overflow

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