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Bitumen och bituminösa bindemedel - Specifikationer för polymermodifierat bitumen

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This European Standard provides a framework for specifying the characteristics and relevant test methods for polymer modified bitumens which are suitable for use in the construction and maintenance of roads, airfields and other paved areas. This framework covers the following characteristics: - "consistency at intermediate service temperature"; - "consistency at elevated service temperature"; - "cohesion"; - "durability" of consistency; - "brittleness at low service temperature"; - "strain recovery".The cohesion property has been included as a means of discriminating between polymer modified bitumens and other bituminous binders. The other essential requirements, "adhesion" and "setting ability" are indicated by tests carried out on the finished asphalt mixtures. The introduction of classes of convenience in Table 1, Table 2 and Table 3 enables the selection of the most suitable specification for the bitumen taking account of local conditions of climate and use. The nomenclature of polymer modified bitumens comprises the penetration range and the minimum softening point (see example in Annex A).


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