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Terränggående truckar - Icke-integrerade arbetsplattformar - Del 1: Konstruktion, säkerhetskrav och provning (ISO 18479-1:2015, IDT)

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This part of ISO 18479 defines design criteria and safety requirements for non-integrated personnel work platforms (PWPs) which, if approved for use on the rough-terrain truck, can be fitted and secured to the forks, carriage or attachment bracket of a rough-terrain truck to elevate occupants with or without materials and tools to raised work positions without any controls in the platform to control movement.

Design, safety requirements and test methods for variable-reach rough-terrain trucks are covered in ISO 10896-1.

Personnel work platforms equipped with controls which affect movement of the rough-terrain truck are excluded from this part of ISO 18479.

The requirements of this part of ISO 18479 shall apply except where national or local regulations are more stringent.

This part of ISO 18479 is not applicable to non-integrated personnel work platforms manufactured before the date of its publication.


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Internationell titel: Rough-terrain trucks - Non-integrated personnel work platforms - Part 1: Design, safety requirements and verification (ISO 18479-1:2015, IDT)

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