Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 16796-1:2016

Energieffektivitet för industritruckar - Provningsmetoder - Del 1: Allmänt

Status: Gällande

This European Standard specifies general test criteria and requirements to measure the energy consumption for self-propelled industrial trucks (hereafter referred to as trucks) during operation. For electric trucks, the efficiency of the battery and the battery charger is included.

This part of the EN 16796 series is intended to be used in conjunction with the corresponding EN 16796-2 to -5.

The truck specific requirements in EN 16796-2 to -5 take precedence over the respective requirements of EN 16796 1.

Of the product life cycle, EN 16796 is applicable to the in-use phase.
It applies to the following truck types according to ISO 5053 1:

- counterbalance lift truck;

- articulated counterbalance lift truck;

- lorry-mounted truck;

- reach truck (with retractable mast or fork arm carriage);

- straddle truck;

- pallet-stacking truck;

- pallet truck;

- platform and stillage truck;

- pallet truck end controlled;

- order-picking truck;

- centre-controlled order-picking truck;

- towing, pushing tractor and burden carrier;

- towing and stacking tractor;

- side-loading truck (one side only);

- rough-terrain truck;

- rough-terrain variable-reach truck;

- slewing rough-terrain variable-reach truck;

- variable-reach container handler;

- counterbalance container handler;

- lateral-stacking truck (both sides);

- lateral-stacking truck (three sides);

- non-stacking low-lift straddle carrier;

- multi-directional lift truck.


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