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Industritruckar - Säkerhet - Dynamiska test för verifiering av sidostabilitet - Motviktstruckar

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This European Standard specifies dynamic tests for the verification of lateral stability for counterbalanced lift trucks according to EN ISO 3691-1 that have a centre control, sit down, non-elevating operator, with a rated capacity up to and including 5 000 kg when travelling on smooth level ground with the forks in travelling position. The standard is not applicable for Rough Terrain forklift trucks.

NOTE 1 Experience shows that counterbalanced lift trucks with a rated capacity over 5 000 kg are not significantly affected by lateral instability

The requirements are specific to the various drive systems (e.g. Electric-/Internal-Combustion-Engine trucks), taking account of their varying influence on dynamic stability performance.

This European Standard does not cover the risk of a lateral tip over associated with driving backwards.

NOTE 2 Research has shown that driving backwards in typical working operations, such as unloading of a lorry, does not cause lateral instability. For this reason, only driving forward needs to be tested.

Risks due to falling off a loading dock or turning on a ramp are not covered by this European Standard.

Risks due to lifting or manoeuvring operations are covered by the respective stability tests.


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