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Industritruckar - Specifikation och provningsmetoder - Skyddsanordningar för förare utom säkerhetsbälte

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This document specifies the tests for the verification of restraint systems against the risk of lateral ejection of the operator for: - counterbalanced lift trucks with centre control, sit down and non-elevating operator position (see EN ISO 3691 1:2015, 4.7.8), with a rated capacity up to and including 10 000 kg; - tractors as defined in EN 12312 15 (airport ground equipment); - burden carriers (as defined in ISO 5053-1:2015, 3.25) with a maximum speed of more than 25 km/h with seated operator; - other types of industrial trucks equipped with such a restraint system. Counterblanced lift trucks, tractors and burden carriers are named hereafter as trucks. Note 1 Industrial tractors as defined in ISO 5053-1 do not need a restraint system in general. This document describes type tests for a specific combination of truck and restraint system. This standard does not cover: - the risk due to frontal ejection; - the monitoring of the protective position of the operator restraint system as defined in prEN 16307 1:2018, 4.16; - the testing of seat belts. Note 2 The testing of sealt belts is covered by ISO 24135 1. The document is not applicable for the retrofit of trucks with restraint systems. This document does not give any requirements on the need for a restraint system.


Industritruckar (53.060)


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Internationell titel: Industrial trucks - Specifications and test methods - Operator restraint systems other than lap-type seat belts

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