Standard Tekniska specifikationer · SIS-CEN/TS 1459-8:2018

Terränggående truckar - Säkerhetskrav och verifiering - Del 8: Traktorer med variabel räckvidd

Status: Gällande

This document specifies requirements related to permanent mounted equipment for rough-terrain variable-reach tractors (here-after referred to as “RTVR tractors”) and additional requirements for the combination. This document does not apply to: — machines designed primarily for earth moving, even if their buckets and blades are replaced with forks (see EN 474 series); — attachments. This document does not address hazards which may occur a) when handling suspended loads which may swing freely; b) when using RTVR tractors on public roads; c) when operating in potentially explosive atmospheres; d) when operating underground; e) when towing trailers; f) when fitted with a personnel work platform (additional requirements are given in EN 1459-3); g) when using cruise-control. This document does not provide a method of calculation for fatigue and strength of material. This document is not applicable to RTVR tractors manufactured before the date of its publication.


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Internationell titel: Rough-terrain trucks - Safety requirements and verification - Part 8: Variable-reach tractors

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