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Anläggningsmaskiner - Lyft- och fästanordningar - Prestandakrav (ISO 15818:2017, IDT)

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ISO 15818:2017 specifies the performance requirements for the lifting and tying-down attachment points of earth-moving machinery as defined in ISO 6165. ISO 15818:2017 also applies to components and subassemblies of earth-moving machinery which the manufacturer intends to be lifted or tied down separately by using lifting or tying-down attachment points. NOTE 1 Some components (e.g. tyres, tyres with wheels, track shoe assemblies, hydraulic cylinders) can be securely tied down without specific tying-down attachment points. ISO 15818:2017 applies to the following modes of transport: - lifting with cranes (e.g. mobile cranes, gantry cranes); - road transport (e.g. truck, trailer); - rail transport, including combined transport (e.g. wagons with containers, swap-bodies, semi-trailers, trucks); - sea transport. It is not applicable to ? airlift or transport by air, or ? rail transport of machines on wagons subject to shunting. NOTE 2 National or local regulations can be more stringent. ISO 15818:2017 does not include requirements for attaching the machine to a platform of the rail car, boat, etc., from which the machine is intended to work.


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