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Textil - Dragstyrkeegenskaper hos sömmar i tyger och konfektionerade textila artiklar - Del 1: Bestämning av maximal kraft vid sömbristning med remsmetoden (ISO 13935-1:2014)

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This part of ISO 13935 specifies a procedure to determine the seam maximum force of sewn seams when the force is applied perpendicularly to the seam. This part of ISO 13935 specifies the method known as the strip test.NOTE ISO 13935-2 describes the method known as the grab test. For informative references see the Bibliography.The method is mainly applicable to woven textile fabrics, including fabrics which exhibit stretch characteristics imparted by the presence of an elastomeric fibre, mechanical or chemical treatment . It can be applicable to fabrics produced by other techniques. It is not normally applicable to geotextiles, nonwovens, coated fabrics, textile-glass woven fabrics and fabrics made from carbon fibres or polyolefin tape yarns (see Bibliography).The sewn fabrics may be obtained from previously sewn articles or may be prepared from fabric samples, as agreed by the parties interested in the results.This method is applicable to straight seams only and not to curved seams.The method is restricted to the use of constant rate of extension (CRE) testing machines.


Textilier Allmänt (59.080.01) Textila tyger (59.080.30) Kläder (61.020)


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