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Aluminium och aluminiumlegeringar - Termer och definitioner - Del 4: Återstoder inom aluminiumindustrin

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This document contains definitions of terms which are helpful for the communication within the aluminium industry, authorities and subcontractors dealing with the shipment, recovery or disposal of residues. It only contains residues which are specific for the aluminium industry. Residues which generally occur with identical inherent properties in other industries and private households are defined in prEN 13965-1. This document does not contain terms and definitions related to aluminium scrap; such terms and definitions can be found in EN 12258-3. The inclusion of a material in this document does not mean that the material is a waste. Definitions of general terms which are helpful for the communication within the aluminium indstry are laid down in EN 12258-1. A glossary (Clause 8) comprises all terms in alphabetical order which are defined in this document.


Miljö- och hälsoskydd (01.040.13) Metallurgi (01.040.77) Specialavfall (13.030.30) Aluminium och aluminiumlegeringar (77.120.10)


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Internationell titel: Aluminium and aluminium alloys - Terms and definitions - Part 4: Residues of the aluminium industry

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Fastställd: 2005-03-04

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