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Tätningselement - Radialtätningar innehållande tätningselement av termoelast - Del 2: Terminologi (ISO 16589-2:2011, IDT)

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ISO 16589 specifies seals utilising sealing elements manufactured from suitably formulated compounds, based on thermoplastic materials, such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). They are considered suitable for use under low pressure conditions (see ISO 16589-1:2011, 6.1). This part of ISO 16589 establishes the appropriate vocabulary, where the terms and definitions given in ISO 5598 apply.NOTE 1 ISO 16589 is complementary to ISO 6194, which covers seals incorporating elastomeric sealing elements. NOTE 2 In addition to the terms and definitions used in two out of the three official ISO languages (English and French), this part of ISO 16589 gives the equivalent terms and definitions in the German and Chinese languages; these are published under the responsibility of the member bodies for Germany (DIN) and China (SAC). However, only the terms and definitions given in the official languages can be considered as ISO terms and definitions.


Fluidsystem och komponenter (01.040.23) Gummi- och plastindustri (01.040.83) Filter, tätningar och föroreningar av fluider (23.100.60) Tätningar (83.140.50)


Språk: Engelska Franska

Framtagen av: Tätningselement, SIS/TK 104

Internationell titel: Rotary shaft lip-type seals incorporating thermoplastic sealing elements - Part 2: Vocabulary (ISO 16589-2:2011, IDT)

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Fastställd: 2012-01-20

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