Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 15857:2010

Oförstörande provning - Akustisk emission - Provning av fiberarmerade polymerer - Specifik metodik och allmänna utvärderingskriterier

Status: Gällande

This European Standard describes the general principles of acoustic emission (AE) testing of materials, components and structures made of FRP with the aim of:

? materials characterisation;

? proof testing/manufacturing quality control;

? retesting/inservice inspection;

? health monitoring.

When AE testing is used to assess the integrity of FRP materials, components or structures or identify critical zones of high damage accumulation or damage growth under load this standard further describes the specific methodology (e.g. suitable instrumentation, typical sensor arrangements, location procedures, etc.).

It also describes available, generally applicable evaluation criteria for AE testing of FRP and outlines procedures for establishing such evaluation criteria in case they are lacking.

NOTE The structural significance of the AE may not in all cases definitely be assessed based on AE evaluation criteria only but may require further inspection and assessment (e.g. with other nondestructive test methods or fracture mechanics calculations).

This standard also recommends formats for the presentation of AE test data that allow the application of qualitative and quantitative evaluation criteria, both online during testing and by post test analysis, and that simplify comparison of AE test results obtained from different test sites and organisations


Oförstörande provning (19.100)


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Internationell titel: Non-destructive testing - Acoustic emission - Testing of fibre-reinforced polymers - Specific methodology and general evaluation criteria

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