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Oförstörande provning - Industriell datorradiografi med bildplattor med skikt i fosfor för lagring av bilder - Del 1: Klassificering av system

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This European Standard specifies fundamental parameters of computed radiography systems with the aim ofenabling satisfactory and repeatable results to be obtained economically. The techniques are based both on fundamental theory and test measurements. This document specifies the performance of computed radiography (CR) systems and the measurement of the corresponding parameters for the system scanner and storage phosphor imaging plate (IP). It describes the classification of these systems in combination with specified metal screens for industrial radiography. It is intended to ensure that the quality of images - as far as this is influenced by the scanner-IP system - is in conformity with the requirements of Part 2 of this document. The document relates to the requirements of film radiography defined in EN 584-1 and ISO 11699-1. This European Standard defines system tests at different levels. More complicated tests are described, which allow the determination of exact system parameters. They can be used to classify the systems of different suppliers and make them comparable for users. These tests are specified as manufacturer tests. Some of them require special tools, which are usually not available in user laboratories. Therefore, simpler user tests are also described, which are designed for a fast test of the quality of CR systems and long term stability. There are several factors affecting the quality of a CR image including geometrical un-sharpness, signal/noise ratio, scatter and contrast sensitivity. There are several additional factors (e.g. scanning parameters), which affect the accurate reading of images on exposed IPs using an optical scanner.


Oförstörande provning (19.100)


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Internationell titel: Non-destructive testing - Industrial computed radiography with storage phosphor imaging plates - Part 1: Classification of systems

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