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Oförstörande provning - Termografisk provning - Aktiv termografi

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This document defines the procedures for non-destructive testing using active thermography. These testing procedures can be applied to different materials (e.g. composites, metals and coatings) and are appointed, but not limited to the: — detection of discontinuities (e.g. voids, cracks, inclusions, delaminations); — determination of layer or part thicknesses; — determination and comparison of thermophysical properties. This standard is describing data acquisition and analysis principles for active thermography and is giving an informative guideline for appropriate selection of the excitation source. Acceptance criteria are not defined in this standard. Active thermography is applied in industrial production (e.g. compound materials, vehicle parts, engine parts, power plant parts, joining technology, electronic devices) and in maintenance and repair (e.g. aerospace, power plants, civil engineering).


Oförstörande provning (19.100)


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Internationell titel: Non-destructive testing - Thermographic testing - Active thermography

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