Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN ISO 28721-5:2016

Emalj - Glasbelagda apparater för processindustri - Del 5: Presentation och karakterisering av defekter (ISO 28721-5:2016)

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This part of ISO 28721 establishes a system for the cataloguing of defects in enamellings for chemical service and vessels. In addition, it describes some types of areas in which defects have been treated and which can easily be confounded with enamelling defects. It serves for a consistent language use concerning the designation and characterization of enamelling defects.
This part of ISO 28721 is limited to detectable defects and does not purport to fully take into consideration all occurring types of defects. It does not evaluate enamelling defects; the classification carried out is based on experience and corresponds, as far as possible, to ISO 28721-1.
NOTE Regarding the acceptance of glass lined equipment for use in process engineering, ISO 28721-1 applies.


Emalj (25.220.50)


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Internationell titel: Vitreous and porcelain enamels - Glass-lined apparatus for process plants - Part 5: Presentation and characterisation of defects (ISO 28721-5:2016)

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