Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN ISO 14344:2010

Svetsning och besläktade förfaranden - Pulver- och gasskyddade bågsvetsmetoder - Riktlinjer för anskaffning av tillsatsmaterial (ISO 14344:2010)

Status: Gällande

This International Standard specifies tools for communication between a purchaser and a supplier of welding consumables within quality systems, such as those based upon ISO 9001[1].

In production, the components of welding consumables are divided into discrete, predetermined quantities so that satisfactory tests with a sample from that quantity will establish that the entire quantity meets specification requirements. These quantities, known by such terms as heats, lots, blends, batches and mixes, vary in size according to the manufacturer. For identification purposes, each manufacturer assigns a unique designation to each quantity. This designation usually consists of a series of numbers or letters, or combinations thereof, which will enable the manufacturer to determine the date and time (or shift) of manufacture, the type and source of the raw materials used, and the details of the procedures used in producing the welding consumable. This designation stays with the welding consumable and can be used to identify the material later, in those cases in which identification is necessary.

This International Standard, together with an applicable International Standard or other standard for welding consumables, provides a method for preparing those specific details needed for welding consumable procurement which consist of:
a) the welding consumable classification (selected from the applicable International Standard or other standard for welding consumables);
b) the lot classification (selected from Clause 4);
c) the testing schedule (selected from Clause 5).

Selection of the specific welding consumable classification, lot classification, and testing schedule depends upon the requirements of the application for which the welding consumable is being procured.

This International Standard does not apply to non-consumable electrodes or shielding gases.


Svetsmetoder (25.160.10) Elektroder och tillsatsmaterial för svetsning av stål (25.160.20)


Språk: Engelska

Framtagen av: AGS 443 Tillsatsmaterial för svetsning, SIS/TK 134/AG 03

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Artikelnummer: STD-73338

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Fastställd: 2010-03-01

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Ersätter: SS-EN ISO 14344:2006