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Naturgas - Beräkning av kompressionsfaktor - Del 1: Introduktion och vägledning (ISO 12213-1:2006)

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ISO 12213 specifies methods for the calculation of compression factors of natural gases, natural gases containing a synthetic admixture and similar mixtures at conditions under which the mixture can exist only as a gas.

It is divided into three parts: this part of ISO 12213 gives an introduction and provides guidelines for the methods of calculation described in ISO 12213-2 and ISO 12213-3.

Part 2 gives a method for use where the detailed molar composition of the gas is known. Part 3 gives a method for use where a less detailed analysis, comprising superior calorific value (volumetric basis), relative density, carbon dioxide content and (if non-zero) hydrogen content, is available.

Both methods are applicable to dry gases of pipeline quality within the range of conditions under which transmission and distribution, including metering for custody transfer or other accounting purposes, are normally carried out. In general, such operations take place at temperatures between about 263 K and 338 K (approximately -10 °C to 65 °C) and pressures not exceeding 12 MPa (120 bar). Within this range, the uncertainty of prediction of both methods is about ± 0,1 % provided that the input data, including the relevant pressure and temperature, have no uncertainty.

NOTE Pipeline quality gas is used in this International Standard as a concise term for gas which has been processed so as to be suitable for use as industrial, commercial or domestic fuel. Although there is no formal international agreement upon the composition and properties of a gas which complies with this concept, some quantitative guidance is provided in 5.1.1. A detailed gas quality specification is usually a matter for contractual arrangements between buyer and seller.


Naturgas (75.060)


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