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Vattenundersökningar - Undersökning och bestämning av färg (ISO 7887:2011)

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This International Standard specifies four different methods, designated A to D, for the examination of colour.
The previously most employed method for assessment of water colour in water treatment plants, limnological surveys, etc. was based on the hexachloroplatinate scale (Reference [1]). Methods C and D are harmonized with this traditional procedure (References [2][3]).
Method A involves examination of apparent colour by visually observing a water sample in a bottle. This gives only preliminary information, for example for use in field work. Only the apparent colour can be reported.
Method B involves determination of the true colour of a water sample using optical apparatus and is applicable to raw and potable water and to industrial water of low colour. A subclause on interferences is included.
Method C involves determination of the true colour of a water sample using optical apparatus for comparison with hexachloroplatinate concentration at wavelength, ? ? 410 nm. A subclause on interferences is included.
Method D involves determination of colour by visual comparison with hexachloroplatinate standard solutions and can be applied to raw and drinking water. A subclause on interferences is included.
Methods A and B are appropriate if the colour hue of the sample differs from the hue of the matching solution.
NOTE 1 Under certain circumstances, strongly coloured water samples require dilution before examination or determination. However, this can alter the physical-chemical conditions leading to a change in colour.
NOTE 2 An internal quality control procedure for all methods specified in this International Standard is given in Annex A. Precision data are given in Annex B.
When stating the result, the procedure used (methods A to D) is also recorded.


Vattenkvalitet allmänt (13.060.01) Undersökning av vattens fysikaliska egenskaper (13.060.60)


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Internationell titel: Water quality - Examination and determination of colour (ISO 7887:2011)

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Fastställd: 2012-01-16

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