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Övervakning av aktivitetskoncentration i luft av radioaktiva ämnen på arbetsplatser i kärntekniska anläggningar (ISO 16639:2017, IDT)

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ISO 16639:2017 provides guidelines and performance criteria for sampling airborne radioactive substances in the workplace. Emphasis is on health protection of workers in the indoor environment. ISO 16639:2017 provides best practices and performance-based criteria for the use of air sampling devices and systems, including retrospective samplers and continuous air monitors. Specifically, this document covers air sampling program objectives, design of air sampling and monitoring programs to meet program objectives, methods for air sampling and monitoring in the workplace, and quality assurance to ensure system performance toward protecting workers against unnecessary inhalation exposures. The primary purpose of the surveillance of airborne activity concentrations in the workplace is to evaluate and mitigate inhalation hazards to workers in facilities where these can become airborne. A comprehensive surveillance program can be used to - determine the effectiveness of administrative and engineering controls for confinement, - measure activity concentrations of radioactive substances, - alert workers to high activity concentrations in the air, - aid in estimating worker intakes when bioassay methods are unavailable, - determine signage or posting requirements for radiation protection, and - determine appropriate protective equipment and measures. Air sampling techniques consist of two general approaches. The first approach is retrospective sampling, in which the air is sampled, the collection medium is removed and taken to a radiation detector system and analysed for radioactive substance, and the concentration results made available at a later time. In this context, the measured air concentrations are evaluated retrospectively. The second approach is continuous real-time air monitoring so that workers can be warned that a significant release of airborne radioactivity may have just occurred. In implementing an effective air sampling ...


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