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Skyddsutrustning för ishockeyspelare - Del 2: Huvudskydd för utespelare - Prestandakrav (ISO 10256-2:2016)

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ISO 10256-2:2016 specifies performance requirements and test methods for head protectors for use in ice hockey and is intended to be read in conjunction with ISO 10256-1.
Requirements and the corresponding test methods, where appropriate, are given for the following:
a) construction and protected area;
b) shock absorption;
c) penetration;
d) retention system properties;
e) field of vision;
f) marking and information.
ISO 10256-2:2016 applies to head protectors worn by
- players other than goalkeepers, and
- certain functionaries (e.g. referees).
NOTE 1 The requirements of a Clause take precedent over a figure.
NOTE 2 The intent of this part of ISO 10256 is to reduce the risk of injury to the head without compromising the form or appeal of the game.


Huvudskydd (13.340.20) Utrustning för vintersport (97.220.20)


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Internationell titel: Protective equipment for use in ice hockey - Part 2: Head protection for skaters (ISO 10256-2:2016)

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Ersätter: SS-EN ISO 10256:2004