Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 1366-13:2019

Provning av brandmotstånd för installationer i byggnader - Del 13: Skorstenar

Status: Gällande

This document specifies a procedure to determine the fire resistance time for chimney constructions (see normative references), shafts of chimneys or penetration elements as part of a chimney construction under standardized fire conditions. The test examines the behaviour of chimney products exposed to fire only from the outside or fire from the outside entering into the chimney. This standard is used in conjunction with EN 1363-1. In chimneys combustion air supply ducts can also be included. The standard also applies to such chimneys. Slanted chimneys are not included.
Annex A provides general guidance and background information. This document is not applicable to:
— sootfire resistance conditions;
— accessories unless they are included in the system chimney to be tested;
— one, two or three sided enclosures.
If the pressure inside the chimney can in practice decrease to lower values than - 40 Pa or increase to higher values than + 5000 Pa it shall be considered that this cannot be covered by the test prescribed in this standard.


Brandtålighet för byggnadsmaterial (13.220.50) Skorstenar, schakt, kanaler (91.060.40)


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Internationell titel: Fire resistance tests for service installations - Part 13: Chimneys

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