Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 1366-11:2018

Provning av brandmotstånd för installationer i byggnader - Del 11: Brandskydd för kabelsystem och tillhörande komponenter

Status: Gällande

This European Standard describes the method to evaluate the performance of protective sys-tems for electrical cable and busbar systems in order to maintain the circuit integrity under fire conditions to classify the protective system according to EN 13501-3 for the P classification. The test examines the behaviour of cable protection systems exposed to fire from outside. The tests specified in this standard are not aimed for assessing the performance of the fire protective sys-tem and the penetration seal for maintaining the requirements of the penetrated wall or ceiling (classification E / I).
This method is very different to EN 50200 for the PH classification and also to IEC 60331-11, IEC 60331-21, IEC 60331-23, and IEC 60331-25, which are not designed for fire protective sys-tems for electrical cable systems.
This standard should be used in conjunction with EN 1363-1.
The test results apply to fire protective systems for electrical cable systems rated for voltages up to 1 kV.
The test procedure should also be used to determine the performance of protective systems for use with data and optical cables, however, verification procedures for such cables are still under development. Proposals are given in Annex C.
The protective system may include ventilation devices, inspection hatches, fixed or removable lids etc.
The tests specified in this standard are not aimed for assessing the performance of sprayed or painted coatings (e.g. intumescent or ablative coating, plastic film, epoxy resin) and similar pro-tective layers (e.g. wrap, bandage) applied directly on the cables or bus bars as fire protective system. Also, cables and bus bars with intrinsic resistance to fire, and without fire protective sys-tems around, are excluded (see CENELEC standard EN 50577).
This test method is not applicable for cabinets for electrical accessory containing bus systems, relays or similar.


Brandtålighet för byggnadsmaterial (13.220.50) Kablar (29.060.20) Elinstallationer (91.140.50)


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Internationell titel: Fire resistance tests for service installations - Part 11: Fire protective systems for cable systems and associated components

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